The Accounting Profession in The Gambia

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The Accounting Profession in The Gambia

The Gambia Association of Accountants represents the accountancy profession in the Gambia, and was founded in 1979. An Act of Parliament was passed in 1991 giving the GAA all the normal functions of a professional accounting body: education, training and examination, professional standards, ethics and discipline, publication and support services and liaison with other international accountancy bodies. The association depends on voluntary service to run its activities. Going through process of transformation to become presently the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Mr Geoffrey Renner (President GAA 2001 - present date)

The objectives of GAA include the following:

Designation of GAA as the sole professional accountancy body in the country responsible for all professional, and technicians registered within the Gambia;

Statutory of GAA of the use of the words "Accountant" and "Auditor" to those eligible and qualified to be registered members of GAA;

To increase the number of qualified accountants at both the technician and professional levels;

To attract international funding and utilise the resources available in the most economical and efficient manner;

Develop and introduce taxation and company law Gambia variants as part of the syllabus for professional training;

Collaborate with the ACCA with the view to conducting a joint examination scheme in the very near future;

Review the courses that are currently available in accountancy in the country, to ensure that each course maintain the required standard for the type of graduates that it aims to produce.

Strengthening of legislation to ensure that the standard of accountancy reports is maintained at international levels and meets the needs of the Gambian business environment;

To collaborate with the legal profession for the development of company law and other legislation that is necessary to ensure that all commercial and non-commercial organisations act in a responsible manner and report accordingly.

Adopting of relevant International accountancy standards appropriate to the business environment in The Gambia.

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