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Upcoming Activities 2004


The GAA in collaboration will be hosting the ABWA congress in Banjul, The Gambia from the 26th - 29th April 2004. The congress is expected to bring over 300 Accountants from the sub region as well as from other International organizations including the World Bank ADB ECOWAS and O.A.U


As part of the congress will also be a special sessions for the Accountants and Auditors General from within the sub region as well as the society of women Accountants. In January and February 2004 GAA will also be organising the seminar, to review the following document under the World Bank /IDF grant.

  1. Auditing /Accounting Standard
  2. Company Law
  3. Income and sales tax law

There will be a series of other seminars during the year 2004 to be organized jointly will ACCA and other sister Associations/Institutes in the sub region.

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