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Councils and Its Committees

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Councils and Its Committees

Alpha Barry (Vice President GAA and Managing Partner Deliotte and Touche at the launching of the IDF grant at Kairaba Hotel @January 2003

The governing body of the Association is the Council consisting of The Executive officials of the Association plus three ex-officio members viz.:

To enhance the effective implementation of the objectives of the Association, GAA has established four standing Committees so far, namely:

  1. Membership, Admissions and Disciplinary Committee: responsible for considering applications for membership from prospective members and maintaining professional discipline and compliance with laws, rules and regulations.
  2. Technical Committee: responsible for making recommendations to Council on technical matters relating to accountancy and related subjects.
  3. Education and Training Committee: registration of student members, designing training programmes for both technicians and fully qualified accountants, conducting examinations and designing and assessing approved accounting experience and continuing professional development.
  4. Finance and Fund raising Committee: to mobilise resources to fund the Association's approved programmes and activities and advancement of its aims and objectives.

    Sources of Fund Funding of Activities

    As a non-profit making organisation, GAA depends for the funding of its activities entirely on subscriptions from members and contributions from grant and from fund raising activities. With the coming into being of the joint scheme agreement, the GAA is likely to deceive a small grant from ACCA to meet some of its operating expense.

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