The Accounting Profession in The Gambia

Councils and Its Committees

Affiliations and Membership

The Strategic Significance of GAA

Upcoming Activities 2004

International Affiliations

GAA members attending the launching of the IDF grant @2003

The GAA is affiliated to a member of sub regional and International organisations the most notable among them are the International Federation of Accountancy and the Association of Accountancy Bodies of West Africa (ABWA). The GAA has been an active member of ABWA since its inception in 1986 and it is currently holding the presidency membership has only recently been increased over the years from the founder member of four to ten and includes some Franco phone countries to give it a broad based representation. To maintain its membership state with ABWA and IFAC GAA makes a yearly contribution to them.

The membership of the GAA up to 1997/98 is categorized as follows:-
  1. Fellows - 30
  2. Associate - 40
  3. Graduate members - 20
  4. Student members - 500

Achievements and Impact

Perhaps one of the significant achievements of the GAA is the creation of greater awareness in The Gambia of the role and importance of the accountant in the world community today.

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