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The Strategic Significance of GAA

The various economic recovery programmes of the West African sub-region recognise the importance of good accounting and effective financial management both at the macro and micro economic levels as an instrument of economic and social development.

The role of the accountancy profession in the realisation of economic recovery programme objectives cannot therefore be over-emphasised. The GAA recognises, however, that there is a lack of an overall coherent, consistent and co-ordinated strategy for the development of accountancy in The Gambia and the common voice of professional accountants in both formal employment and public practice.

The GAA is currently acting as a focal point for co-ordinating the various efforts of capacity building and enhancement with respect to the development of accountancy in The Gambia.

Secretariat: The GAA has a fully equipped Secretariat at MDI.The Secretariat is staffed by four people. The secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary whose main responsibilities among others include: